Moments are Leaps

During the inauguration of Ex U.S President -Bill Clinton, Michael shared the story of his childhood friend lost to a pandemic HIV AIDs at the time

M.j Understood Moments

Before his performance, he took a moment to inspire  president elect. ' Bill Clinton' to commit to the fight against HIV/AIDS. Perhaps he got the president hooked for life.

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Use your moments

His life & legacy tells he understood and seized those moments which now spice up his legacy.

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M.J Seized Moments.

Whilst Bill’s tenure is seen to have failed in a global fight against HIV/AIDS, Bill still personally fights on via his Foundation. That moment seized by Bill is the sweet savor in his legacy.

What We Do

Because we understand moments & events, we create the desired experiences. From foods to event plans and management of your special moments and events. 

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How It works

It’s about knowing you well & then  transform that knowledge into your growth systems

Identify your Moment

Moments are the once in a while instances where the focus is on you. E.g. birthdays.

Get A plan

When we know what matters to you; personal/career/business, we create a plan.

Tell us what Matters

In their moment, only a few know what matters to them & how to use the spot light

Turn Moments to Events

Be it wedding or birthday, we plan events that drive your identified goals.

Key goals to achieve

With birthday’s, weddings and other special moments, you can achieve important goals;

Business Goals.

  • Grow your networks
  • Grow your customer base.
  • Connect & manage existing customers differently.
  • Engage customers with unique experiences.
  • Enhance customer loyalty.
  • Move customers from loyal to passionate customers.

Our model is to help you create fans rather than customers for your venture.

Drive Personal Goals.

Whatever your personal goals are, every moment or event in your life matters. Be it special, joyful or even sad, when used strategically, they drive or influence your goals.

A major personal goal we facilitate is

  • Personal brand building & growth.
  • Growing your networks and your net worth via moments & events.

Speed up Career goals.

If 85% of all jobs are filled through networking, building great network becomes essential.

The good news is, network building & personal brand development are a few of the many ways we help your goals.

It Isn't just goals. It's Your Wishes too.

They say “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”. Yet, our collaboration in your moments & events is making wishes come true. Make a birthday wish and see it fly.

How to get started

With just three simple steps you can start leveraging on your special moments & events. 


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Signup to

When you signup, you get access to resources needed to facilitate your goals.

Make A

Got a wish on your birthday or on any other special moment? Share and be surprised.

Create your

To do more with your birthdays or other special moments, create events yourself or contact us.

Build your Network

Join a growing, thriving and supportive tribe of people. 

Start creating your network of fans, families and friends to celebrate you and support your wishes

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