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Experiences for Business Growth.

We create and manage winning experiences that help businesses achieve their goals. We identify and create special moments and experiences for.

We create & Manage Ally Experiences

We create opportunities that build strong stakeholder relations - you get more dependable allies for business. Building strong relations with stakeholders and maintaining them takes effort, time and an action plan - we do just that.

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Win on Experiences

We help companies win the hearts of their customers even after the loss of a customer to bad experiences within their business ecosystem.

Why Experience?

92% of customers are ready to completely abandon a company for a competitor after two or three negative experiences.
Customer Attrition
The cost of acquiring a new customer is 5 times more than the cost of keeping existing customers.
Customer Acquisition
The success rate of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% compared to 5-20% success rate for a new customer
Sales Success rate

The Experience Centre

At the Nectare Experience center, we cook surprise and routine experiences that enables brands connect to their stakeholders on a passionate and emotional level.

Experience Programs

We have a portfolio of experience programs for companies and their stakeholders. 



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The Celeb Blast

85% of persons surveyed feel special when others put lots of energy into celebrating their birthday. Via the celebrity blast we help companies celebrate and create experiences for their stakeholders (customers, employees etc) 

Why Birthdays?

Eighty nine percent (9 in 10) of persons surveyed say it’s Important and significant to Celebrate birthdays,

Positive Opinion

74% of consumers held positive opinion of the brand after receipt of birthday messages from the company.

Brand Loyalty

Eighty-eight (88%) of the customer's positive reactions translated to an increase in brand loyalty.

Job Hunting

jumps 12% just before birthdays as people self-reflect particularly during milestone or mid-life celebrations. (HBR)

The Lunch Experience

We take the routine office break and lunch hour beyond eating to a rejuvenating, team bonding and productive experience for employees to reset their minds and bodies.

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Lunch Breaks?

“Fewer than half of employees surveyed take a lunch break away from their desk on an average day.

Stimulate Ideas

Regular breaks from mental tasks can give the brain time to think and stimulate new idea & make the task easier.

Employee Productivity

As little as a 40 second ‘microbreaks’ was found to improve workers sustained attention.

Employee Engagement

A company culture that encourages breaks at work can improve engagement and job satisfaction.

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Have A Nectare Experience

We help companies win the hearts of their customers even after losing the battle for a customer to a bad experience across their business ecosystem.


We seize those moments in each customer's life to create unique experiences that resonates with them.


Sometimes it only takes a little creative spark to create experiences that wow your customers and stakeholders


We create remarkable and memorable experiences that lives in the heart of your stakeholders.


Is a great treat for stakeholders as it works on the dopamine system in our brains helping with focus, attention and perspective.

Do more with customer Experiences

Attract Leads

Let us create experiences that attracts leads and potential clients

Create Customers

We explore and seize moments that potential connect with customers.

Retain Customers

Connect with customers in non transactional ways that converts them to fans and advocates.

Engage Customers

Explore fun ways to keep your customers via pleasurable experiences

We are focused on Human Experiences.

Creation and delivery of memorable Human Experiences (HX)